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* Welcome!

Ascaroth : 2006.11.24 (Fri) 16:10'23" UTC-0800 (PST)
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Welcome to a new feature of this site... an imageboard where you can discuss and post stuff about Higurashi!

Feel free to post, but know that this board is still experimental so weird things may happen. If you do encounter an anomaly, please reply to this thread with a description of what happened so that I can correct it.

Finally, please keep this place family-friendly, and enjoy!

Site dead

Benny1 : 2007.09.02 (Sun) 11:11'37" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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The site is very dead, so I decided to be nice and inform people of what to do about it.

Probably the place with links to every chapter is http://hinamizawaclub.com/club/index.php?topic=13.0

If you're looking for side arcs, along with Himatsubushi-hen, check http://www.freewebs.com/aortic/index.htm

Tsumihoroboshi-hen will be starting scanlation soon by Gaku Gaku Animal Land, when I can pick that up too.

Back covers

Ascaroth : 2006.12.08 (Fri) 19:28'17" UTC-0800 (PST)
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[IMAGE: 1165634897116.jpg]

I'm requesting the back covers of the manga so I can translate the description for the story section. If you have any covers for the volumes that I'm still missing a description for, please upload it here.


spoiler thread

ewok : 2006.12.07 (Thu) 03:48'12" UTC-0800 (PST)
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proceed at own risk, ask any question, relating to Hinamizawa mysteries, we'll try to answer to best of our knowledge

weapon series

ewok : 2006.12.06 (Wed) 04:40'24" UTC-0800 (PST)
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starting with cleaver of pwnage


Anonymous : 2006.12.05 (Tue) 20:27'00" UTC-0800 (PST)
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なかない君と嘆きの世界 requiem for themselves and tragedies

irst rena pic

ewok : 2006.12.05 (Tue) 11:54'30" UTC-0800 (PST)
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