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Ascaroth : 2006.11.24 (Fri) 16:10'23" UTC-0800 (PST)
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[IMAGE: 1164413423116.jpg]

Welcome to a new feature of this site... an imageboard where you can discuss and post stuff about Higurashi!

Feel free to post, but know that this board is still experimental so weird things may happen. If you do encounter an anomaly, please reply to this thread with a description of what happened so that I can correct it.

Finally, please keep this place family-friendly, and enjoy!

Reply : Using this board

Ascaroth : 2006.11.24 (Fri) 23:04'00" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 2

This board supports most 2ch-style imageboard conventions with the exception of bumping posts using 'age' in the email field. Posts are automatically bumped when a reply is created (so there's no point in using a specialized command). In addition, there are no thread or reply limits at this time, although they can be activated when necessary.

At this time, JPG, GIF, and PNG images are the only filetypes allowed, with a 5MB limit per file. Images greater than 150 pixels along the longest edge will be thumbnailed.

You must wait at least 60 seconds between making each post. Post content may be up to 2KB long, and you must at a minimum supply either a file or text content to make a post (otherwise there isn't really anything to post).

The downrate feature is a method of allowing users to moderate the board themselves. If you find an offensive post, simple select it and click 'Downrate post' to lower its rating. The post will be hidden automatically once its rating falls below the threshold. Note that announcement posts cannot be downrated.

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EG-Reverie : 2006.11.25 (Sat) 02:58'48" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 3

[IMAGE: 1164452328116.jpg]

Ah, I'll go ahead and post a Higurashi picture~