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Back covers

Ascaroth : 2006.12.08 (Fri) 19:28'17" UTC-0800 (PST)
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[IMAGE: 1165634897116.jpg]

I'm requesting the back covers of the manga so I can translate the description for the story section. If you have any covers for the volumes that I'm still missing a description for, please upload it here.


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EG-Reverie : 2006.12.19 (Tue) 04:48'09" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 21

[IMAGE: 1166532489116.jpg]

Here's the backcover of the second volume of Watanagashi-hen.. I hope it will help you.

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Ascaroth : 2006.12.20 (Wed) 12:53'38" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 22

Just what I needed, thanks a lot!

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Anonymous : 2006.12.31 (Sun) 13:40'08" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 23

[IMAGE: 1167601208116.jpg]

Tatarigoroshi-hen volume 2

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Ascaroth : 2007.01.04 (Thu) 16:28'39" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 24

Thanks! Looks like I have a huge update coming to the story section now... with new volumes being released and new arcs being announced recently.

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Ascaroth : 2007.01.06 (Sat) 01:20'05" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 25

Woot... finally got that page updated. Thanks for the scans, and if you have any more please upload here and I'll add the descriptions to the story section when I get a chance!

For now, I think I'll keep it as a 'silent update' since it's getting late...

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EG-Reverie : 2007.02.03 (Sat) 00:24'59" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 26

[IMAGE: 1170491099117.jpg]

The cover of Tsumihoroboshi-hen volume 1.. even though you probably already have this.
Oh yeah, please ask me if you need the whole cover of Watanagashi-hen volume 2 (for your manga releases).

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Ascaroth : 2007.02.04 (Sun) 15:05'33" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 27

Actually I didn't have that cover yet, so thanks!

And I'm not actually a part of any of the groups doing the releases, so perhaps it'll be better if you ask THP or EBL directly since I don't know how often they actually visit this place.