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Characters / 登場人物

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Main characters
! Furude Rika / 古手梨花
! Houjou Satoko / 北条沙都子
! Maebara Keiichi / 前原圭一
! Ryuguu Reina (Rena) / 竜宮礼奈(レナ)
! Sonozaki Mion / 園崎魅音
! Sonozaki Shion / 園崎詩音

Supporting characters
! Akasaka Mamoru / 赤坂衛
! Chie Rumiko / 知恵留美子
! Houjou Satoshi / 北条悟史
! Houjou Tamae / 北条玉枝
! Houjou Teppei / 北条鉄平
! Irie Kyosuke / 入江京介
! Kasai Tatsuyoshi / 葛西辰由
! Kimiyoshi Kiichirou / 公由喜一郎
! Mamiya Rina / 間宮リナ
! Oishi Kuraudo / 大石蔵人
! Sonozaki Oryou / 園崎お魎
! Takano Miyo / 鷹野三四
! Tomitake Jirou / 富竹ジロウ

Side story: Onisarashi-hen
! Natsumi Kimiyoshi / 公由夏美

Side story: Yoigoshi-hen
! Akutagawa / 芥川
! Arakawa Ryuunosuke / 荒川龍ノ介
! Kurosawa Takumi / 黒澤工
! Machi & Chiaki / マチ・千秋
! Otobe Akira / 乙部彰
! Towada Yae / 十和田八重

Side story: Utsutsukowashi-hen
! Kousaka Mizuho / 香坂瑞穂
! Sister Maria / シスター・マリア
! Yukari / ゆかり

Characters are arranged alphabetically by family name, and listed in Japanese format as family name first, given name second.

Main characters

Furude Rika / 古手梨花

Rika is a part of one of the three head families that control Hinamizawa, the Furude family. They take care of the shrine honoring Oyashiro-sama, and every year Rika takes part in the Watangashi festival. Since Rika's parents died, she and Satoko live together near the shrine.

Houjou Satoko / 北条沙都子

Satoko is a year younger then Keiichi and the same age as Rika. She loves setting and catching people in her traps, and is very energentic and mischievous. Satoko's parents died a few years ago, her aunt was killed the previous year, and her brother went missing, so she now lives with her friend Rika.

Maebara Keiichi / 前原圭一

Keiichi is the main character of the 'Question' arcs. He recently moved to Hinamizawa and quickly made good friends with Rena, Mion, Satoko and Rika. Keiichi lives with his mother and his father, who is an artist.

Ryuguu Reina (Rena) / 竜宮礼奈(レナ)

Rena is a young teenage girl who loves cute things, and some would say she has strange tastes for the things she likes. She recently moved back to Hinamizawa, after having moved away a few years ago. When she moved back, she quickly made friends with Mion, Satoko, Rika and Keiichi. For some reason, Rena seems to have a strong belief that Oyashiro-sama and Oyashiro-sama's Curse exists.

Sonozaki Mion / 園崎魅音

Mion is a part of one of the three head families that control Hinamizawa, the Sonozaki family. She has a twin sister Shion, but since Mion is set to become the head of Sonozaki after her grandmother dies, she lives in Hinamizawa and Shion lives in Okinomiya. While Shion is quite girlish, Mion acts as the tough boyish sister. She usually carries an airsoft gun in an armpit holster, and she is also the leader of the school's games club.

Sonozaki Shion / 園崎詩音

Shion is Mion's twin sister. While Mion is the boyish, tough sister, Shion appears to be the shy caring one. Though they're twin sisters, Shion doesn't live with Mion and their grandmother. Instead, she went to a private school, but escaped and moved to Okinomiya.

Supporting characters

Akasaka Mamoru / 赤坂衛

Akasaka is the main character of the Himatsubushi arc. He is a police investigator at the Metropolitan Police Department in Tokyo and was sent to Hinamizawa on a kidnapping case.

Chie Rumiko / 知恵留美子

The teacher of Keiichi's class. She is a parody of Tsukihime's Shieru-Sensei (With permission by TYPE-MOON). Her favourite food is curry.

Furude Hanyuu / 古手羽入

A transfer student who wears a miko outfit and has a pair of horns attached to her head.

Houjou Satoshi / 北条悟史

Satoko's older brother and an ace player in the Hinamizawa Fighters. He went missing a few years ago when his aunt got killed.

Houjou Tamae / 北条玉枝

Wife of Houjou Teppei, raises Satoko and Satoshi with her husband Teppei.

Houjou Teppei / 北条鉄平

Satoko and Satoshi's uncle and guardian after the death of their parents. He frequently abuses the two physically and currently resides in Okinomiya.

Irie Kyosuke / 入江京介

Irie is the head doctor of the local clinic in Hinamizawa. He has a maid fetish, and is the coach of the local baseball team, the Hinamizawa Fighters.

Kasai Tatsuyoshi / 葛西辰由

Caretaker of Shion.

Kimiyoshi Kiichirou / 公由喜一郎

Village head of Hinamizawa.

Mamiya Rina / 間宮リナ

Teppei Houjou's lover. They often work together to swindle men out of their money through dubious schemes.

Oishi Kuraudo / 大石蔵人

A veteran police investigator at Okinomiya who is investigating the Hinamizawa murders. He hopes to solve them before he retires next year, but his relationship with the Sonozaki family is somewhat hostile.

Sonozaki Oryou / 園崎お魎

Oryou is the harsh leader of the Sonozaki household and also the grandmother of Mion and Shion. She is also the most powerful person in Hinamizawa.

Takano Miyo / 鷹野三四

A nurse from the local clinic in Hinamizawa. She has an interest in the occult and Hinamizawa's past. She is often seen together with Tomitake.

Tomitake Jirou / 富竹ジロウ

A freelance photographer from Tokyo that comes to Hinamizawa a few times a year, and usually around the Watanagashi festival. He is often seen in the company of Takano.

Side story : Onisarashi-hen

Natsumi Kimiyoshi / 公由夏美

Natsumi is the main character in Onisarashi-hen. She is a high school girl who moves to a large city from rural Okinomiya, and shrugs off the beliefs and superstitions of her ancestral home of Hinamizawa.

Side story : Yoigoshi-hen

Akutagawa / 芥川

Arakawa Ryuunosuke / 荒川龍ノ介

Kurosawa Takumi / 黒澤工

Machi & Chiaki / マチ・千秋

Otobe Akira / 乙部彰

Towada Yae / 十和田八重

Side story : Utsutsukowashi-hen

Kousaka Mizuho / 香坂瑞穂

Sister Maria / シスター・マリア

Yukari / ゆかり

Character descriptions courtesy of Keriaku, with additional information from ewok40k and Ascaroth.