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Welcome to the Higurashi manga scanlation projects aggregate site!
This site was created to help you keep track of releases with the Higurashi manga series.


Official site closure announcement

You probably guessed from 9 months of inactivity... sorry but I just no longer have the time to maintain this site. I'll keep hosting it though, although I don't really know why since everything on it is so outdated. And to prevent further spam issues, the BB has been disabled.

Contact point & disclaimers

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If you would like to add/change/update/correct any information or comment about this site, please do not hesitate to email Ascaroth at ascaroth AT e-n-m DOT net, or PM Ascaroth on the IRCHighway network. Any groups who are working on the series may also request to post a news message in the announcements area.

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New feature : imageboard "Konoha"

A lot of stuff happened on the backend of this site as part of the imageboard project over the past few weeks (resulting in random errors that some of you have probably encountered).

Quick summary of what happened: First the imageboard was constructed over the course of a week, eventually leading to rewrites of more than half the code when I switched from SimpleXML to DOM, and then everything was debugged at a test site. Afterwards, all the code was optimized, resulting in the reorganization of most of the code as well as rewrites of about 15% of it while waiting in line for Black Friday. After that, everything was debugged again.

There are undoubtedly still errors that I have not found yet; if you encounter any, please reply to the first thread of the imageboard with how you came across it so I can take a look. Treat the current version as a late beta or early release candidate version: most things will work, but obscure bugs are to be expected.

For those who are curious, the imageboard is a custom script named 'Konoha' written specifically for this website with the option of future expansion into a standalone product that can be used on other sites as well. The imageboard was originally built on top of the XML engine used by this site, but during optimization things were flipped around so this site actually runs on the imageboard code now. It uses PHP and XML to store and manage the data (so you can easily parse it to import into other imageboard systems as well, assuming you are willing to tamper with some of the fields during the process); the code is currently 536 lines in length and this entire site takes up a total of 420KB of disk space (with zero posts in the imageboard, but including the background and layout images which take up the bulk of that value).

Well, enjoy the new feature, and please keep it family-friendly!


Release : Tatarigoroshi v01c05

Tatarigoroshi volume 1 chapter 5 released by THP