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Welcome to the Higurashi manga scanlation projects aggregate site!
This site was created to help you keep track of releases with the Higurashi manga series.


Official site closure announcement

You probably guessed from 9 months of inactivity... sorry but I just no longer have the time to maintain this site. I'll keep hosting it though, although I don't really know why since everything on it is so outdated. And to prevent further spam issues, the BB has been disabled.

Contact point & disclaimers

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If you would like to add/change/update/correct any information or comment about this site, please do not hesitate to email Ascaroth at ascaroth AT e-n-m DOT net, or PM Ascaroth on the IRCHighway network. Any groups who are working on the series may also request to post a news message in the announcements area.

News entries



Release : Onisarashi v01c01 [GGAL]

Gaku Gaku Animal Land started scanlating Onisarashi-hen! This release was actually dated on the 24th of January.


New feature : ATOM 1.0 syndication feed

40 minutes later... the ATOM 1.0 feed is active! Onwards to phase 4... (which will definitely take a lot longer)
Location: http://hinamizawa.e-n-m.net/atom/news/


Announcement : 'Konoha' expansion, phase 3.5~4

Just giving everyone a heads up... I'm considering creating an Atom 1.0 feed (phase 3.5), and afterwards cleaning up the code to truly support completely CSS layouts. Of course, a new layout will also be created at that time to demonstrate the feature (phase 4). Anyways, this might take a few weeks, and if you encounter errors in the site please just bear with it a bit because I'm probably just doing something in the back.


Release : Onikakushi v01c03 [NESS]

NESS has released Onikakushi volume 1 chapter 3!


Release : Onikakushi v01c01~c02 [NESS]

Added releases by NESS: Onikakushi volume 1 chapter 1 thru chapter 2


Release : Tatarigoroshi v02c06

Tatarigoroshi volume 2 chapter 6 has been released by THP. This site should be mostly caught up now with news, scanlation releases, and retail releases/announcements as well. And yes, for those who are still unaware, season 2 of the anime has been officially announced (more than a month ago actually).


Announcement : RSS feed location changed

The RSS feeds are generated automatically based on news content now, and therefore they have been moved to a new location since they are no longer in a separate file.
New location : http://hinamizawa.e-n-m.net/rss/news/
Old location : http://hinamizawa.e-n-m.net/feed_rss20.xml

The old location will still appear to work since I've set up a temporary redirect to ease the transition, but please update your RSS links when you get a chance to ensure that it will work in the future. Thanks!


New feature : improved news section and sidebars

New system for news section and RSS feeds is halfway complete; RSS feed portion will be completed at a later time. Also added navigation sidebars for the pages since they've gotten quite lengthy to scroll through.