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You probably guessed from 9 months of inactivity... sorry but I just no longer have the time to maintain this site. I'll keep hosting it though, although I don't really know why since everything on it is so outdated. And to prevent further spam issues, the BB has been disabled.

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An experimental i-Mode version of the website has been launched (it also works well as a text-mode version for other devices). It is located at, and can be reached via the QR code on the bottom right corner. Unlike the full version of the website, text in the i-Mode version is encoded in Shift-JIS instead of UTF-8 (the Japanese i-Mode service does not support Unicode just yet).
Being in the United States, it's hard for me to know whether this feature really works or not since we lack the service. If you encounter difficulties with the i-Mode version, please let me know what's wrong by email, and perhaps even attach a screenshot so I know what to fix. The only way to make it better is with your help! Thanks!


Release : Tatarigoroshi v01c04

Tatarigoroshi volume 1 chapter 4 released by THP (2006.07.28)


Release : Watanagashi v01c04

Watanagashi volume 1 chapter 4 released by THP (2006.07.24)


Various updates

Character descriptions updated


Release : Watanagashi v01c03

Watanagashi volume 1 chapter 3 released by THP (2006.07.15)


Release : Tatarigoroshi v01c03

Tatarigoroshi volume 1 chapter 3 released by THP