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Official site closure announcement [Expand]

You probably guessed from 9 months of inactivity... sorry but I just no longer have the time to maintain this site. I'll keep hosting it though, although I don't really know why since everything on it is so outdated. And to prevent further spam issues, the BB has been disabled.

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Various updates

There have been plenty of silent updates going on over the past few days to bring this site up to date. The character section has been reorganized, and I've translated the rest of the back covers that I have for the story section. Some bugfixes: issue of Japanese not being encoded into SJIS correctly in the i-mode version of the BBS has been corrected, and the RSS feed should behave properly now. Lastly I made the CSS and XHTML validate as much as I could, but I refuse to fix the stupid stuff it doesn't like that I use for formatting (please just ignore the fact that this contradicts the whole point of validating the site in the first place); the RSS has always validated although it didn't always behave the way it should in real life.


Various updates

Fixed spelling errors in character descriptions, changed some terminology in the story and releases sections, reorganized the links section and added more information about Okinomiya


Various updates

Updated character descriptions with more details and links with more image comparison sites as well as Google Maps links to the settings